Monday, October 17, 2016

Greek Science

While in Greece, everything is surrounded by science. The sun, moon, stars, earth, and our daily lives relate to science. The ancient Greeks used important facts from science to calculate how many day in a year, month, or how many hours in a day. Science is also used for the event of seasons changing.  The important thing is science is everywhere in our lives. For now, its been a pleasure but, I hope to see you back sometime soon, but it has been a wonderful time writing about Greece.

Greek Politics/Prominent People

While touring in Greece, I came across an old building in Athens. So, I decided to look inside and found many cool facts about ancient Greek history. Did you know that Athens was the very first democracy ever created. This really struck me by surprise because in the United Staes the government is democracy. Another cool fact I found was some of the great leaders at the time. The main person who had the most information was Alexander the Great. He was born in Macedon and soon became the ruler in that town. But, then he started expanding and finally took control of the Persian Empire. This was by far the greatest event by a Greek person. But, his death did lead to the splitting of the empire into 3 separate dynasties.

Greek Religion

Before even traveling to Greece, I knew a little about their religion, but now living here I developed a new sense of what it was all about. I ran into a man while sight seeing the temple of Athena. He taught me Zeus was the main and most powerful god, followed by his brothers and sisters such as Hera, Poseidon, and Hades. After them came their children who consisted of Athena and Apollo.
The Greeks used these gods to explain things in their lives that they didn't understand. They were used in stories called myths, which are used in classes even today. Even though learning about this religion was interesting, I think I would rather keep my own religion. Keep tuned for more updates about Greece.

Greek Military

While wandering the city, I came across a museum of Greek War History. Inside there were different sections for different city states at the time in Greece. One of the biggest was Sparta. Sparta was a land force and dominated its opponents. They beat Athens in a war for the most powerful army in Greece. Another powerful army was Athens. They were primarily a water force so when facing Sparta, they had lots of trouble. But, Athens and Sparta at one time before their own war, came together and fought against the Persian Empire to keep from being conquered. Greece thus proved that even very small in size, they were one of the most powerful forces.

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Greek Mathematics/Philosophy

While getting my groceries today, I ran into a shop that used to be the place where math was done in ancient Greek times. I learned that most of the Greek math people were also closely connected to philosophy. The main focus was the degrees of the sun or how big the world is. Some of the most well known of the time were Archimedes, Hipparchus, and Democritus.

Greek Drama

Today I went into the city and found one of the great theaters of Greece. Here I learned that Greece was the father of tragic playwrights. Some of the most famous plays were Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. I got to experience one play today, but I forgot the name. Anyways, Greece was a hub of playwrights along with some other places in Europe. 
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Greek Athletics

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Did you know that the first Olympics was held in Greece? I just found that out today while touring the city. I learned that that Greece was one of the first places to have athletic competitions weather it was ordinary people or trained soldiers. This is one of the very first facts I learned while in Greece. There was even a race I participated in. I got first no surprise there. Stay tuned for more updates.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Greek Architecture

Image result for Parthenon      Hi, I'm Jack and welcome to my blog about my adventures in Greece. I recently just moved to Greece when the my dogs, Roxy and Maude. My house is located in the mountains with a great view of the Mediterranean Sea. The closest city to me is Athens and it is beautiful. There are wondrous arts and statues of all the Greek gods. I am having a wonderful time here and will probably stay for another year and then go somewhere else. For those of you back home and thinking about coming to Greece, give me a call and we can go fishing in the Mediterranean, hiking Mount Olympus, or grape picking. Then we can take a tour of the city and see the great buildings such as the Parthenon, the temple of Athena, the goddess of Athens. It was constructed in 447 BC during the rule of the Athenian Empire. For now, that's it, but stay tuned for new information about my new life in Greece.